Our Human Resources Vision

To be a preferred company in the sector with a focused company targets, continuous learning, open to change and qualified human resources.

Working in Galsan

Galsan develops human resource management strategies; based on company values, objectives and strategic roadmap. Organization Management is based on three basic elements.


Our values and conformity to our culture in this context are very important in the recruitment process and throughout galsan business life. Galsan creates the spirit of business processes that carry and sustain our values.

Our Organization Model

Our organizational model, determined according to the company’s objectives, is horizontal and flexible and is managed with precision because it will carry us into the future. Thanks to our participatory and proactive structure, we move faster and use our time and other resources effectively.

Our Competencies

Galsan has determined the Basic and Managerial competencies it has expected from all its employees and managers and has made the company a guide with its culture and values.