To be a company, which is focused upon company targets, learning continuously, open to changes, which has qualified human resources and a preferred employer in her field.

Working at Galsan
We determine Human Resources Management Strategy according to company targets and our strategic road map. To work at Galsan and to be part of our organization, there are three basic elements:

Adaptation of Company Culture
Adaptation of our company culture is very important at recruitment period and business life at Galsan. All of our employees contribute to effective working life with positive communication and team spirit.

Organization Model
Our organization model is flat and flexible and in sync with the company targets. As it is what will carry us into the future, it is managed sensitively. Through our participative and proactive structure we move swiftly and use our time and other sources efficiently.

Galsan has identified Base and Administrative competences, which are expected from all employees. This guideline is created according to our company culture and values.

These important three elements are examined initially, and then position and technical requirements are taken into consideration. You can follow up on Galsan’s employment opportunities from career websites; social networks or you can share your CV with us through

Development & Learning
Using tools and methods prevalent in automotive industry in general and plastic injection technology in particular we train and aim to improve our employees continuously. In this sense Galsan will always be a school for the young employees who wants to make careers. We combine various training processes in our Galsan Academy. This improves company development and learning motivation. Galsan makes actual the training actions with a purpose to foster future leaders, cost reduction, increased efficiency, and improved administration.

Management by Objectives
Company targets being communicated to divisions which work according to key performance indicators has become a central pillar of our company culture. Galsan Employee Improvement System includes improvements of administrative behaviors beside management with targets. Our employees’ contributions to our company targets are being closely monitored.