During the initial years after foundation our company sharpened her technical expertise and achieved entry into the appliance industry as a trusted supplier in the 1980s. When the commoditization trends started to dominate the appliance industry at the end of 1990s we have decided to shift our resources to the automotive industry, as this industrial segment was a better candidate market for value-added products and services. After almost a decade of serving two major industrial markets, finally in 2009 we became an exclusively automotive industry supplier. In 2013 a regeneration of management and relocating to new premises set the pace for a new initiative.
We have revised and renewed our management focus. Quality oriented management is settled in the center of daily operations. In addition achieving optimum efficiency at operational performance was set as a permanent target. Cooperation with existing customers is strengthened, and new steps were taken to serve new customers. Through these measures our company has achieved 20 million parts capacity per year with its new technology equipped machine park, 330 employees, and a dynamic, and innovative structure.