CORPORATE APPROACH / People First and Operations

We sustainably improve our products and production processes without compromise on safety, respect for the environment and compliance with regulations. At the same time we minimize our operational costs and strive for a more efficient work place culture.

To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction we meet the quality, logistics and cost expectations of our customers. Continuously improving our products and production processes requires the adoption of sustainable growth approach into the company culture and we act accordingly.

Between the regeneration of 2013 and 2016 we have set ourselves three basic goals. These can be described as strategic approaches to ingrain sustainable growth within the company culture.

People First / Qualified Human Resources
-Prioritize our employees rights
-Build better communications first with our employees, then our suppliers, existing customers, and potential customers. Sustain this relationship set.
-Prioritize creation of a technical team that has expertise in production, and maintenance.

Operational Performance & Operational Class
-Investment in machinery and automation for efficient production.
-Optimizing our capacity and all processes according to our efficiency plan.
-Place great importance to KPI performance and work with KPI at all levels.