CORPORATE APPROACH / Our Commitments and Responsibilities

The Policy and Commitments of Galsan Management:

People First
Preserving employees’ safety and health by improving product and process,
Respect for nature by ensuring environmental protection and complying legal regulation,

Operational Performance
By reducing our costs, using the energy, raw material and natural sources efficiently, reduce our waste and end the losses and recycle our wastes.
Minimize the risks which can be placed in our facilities caused by our production, products and services.
Ensure complete customer satisfaction by meeting quality, delivery and cost targets.
Improve our products and production process continuously by adopting “0” failure target.

Sustainable Growth
Continuous improvement by using Hoshin Kanri methodology,
Propose innovating product and process to our customer,
Our daily and monthly indicators measure the degree of conformity of our results, in all functions and skills.
All Department Managers follow that requirements of “Integrated Management System” well understand by all employees and the commitments are in use.
The Quality Manager has been appointed as our representative to facilitate the implementation of the system in the Company and to ensure, through internal / external audits, that it is maintained properly.

Ali Seyhan
Chairman of the Board