Always Automation

Our corporate approach is focused upon production quality, performance, and efficiency. Forging our corporate approach into the main component of our general strategy is necessary to achieve our goals of sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.
Since last decade we had been continuously renovating and investing in our machinery and equipment in order to pursue excellence in production processes.
At the same time we also developed our human resources and invested in robotic systems to ensure efficient utilization of our machinery park.
Equally important are the research and development activities that shape our future capability and competitiveness. Our company plans to widen her service area through increasing product group varieties.


From Inovation To Production

We follow up new technologies as they arise internationally and employ latest technology at improving process methods, product quality, equipment efficiency, logistics chain and, information systems.
Process List
-Thermoplastic injection
-Assembly activities
-Product design
-Mold design
-Mold production
-Control Fixture manufacturing
-Laboratory activities


Think Product

During the next five years we will be concentrating upon utilizing R&D activities for improving our competitiveness and gaining an innovative edge. We start to offer new products both in Turkey. With this perspective we have Galsan has achieved R&D Center recognition from Turkish Government.Our R&D studies are an integral piece of our overall production strategy.


Excellence in All Process

We offer complete customer satisfaction through products and services of best quality in-line with the expectations of the automotive industry. We specify and follow up the processes in each production stage according to their performance criteria and continuous improvement mentality.
We have 45 years of experience in plastic injection technology and in serving OEMs, complying with global automotive companies’ standards and expectations of cost, quality, and delivery.